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Occasional Artt App

A look into what this website may look like if developed into a propper app!



In this mockup it shows the initial screen users will be greeted with when launching the app. There would be a small animation where the logo expands into the longer version on the right of the image. Keeping the darker theme and neon colors from the logo as well as the branding on the site was kept at the forfront of design thought and consideration.

OCARTT APPEntry Screen.png



OCARTT APPHome page.png

After loading you would be greeted by the Home page, which will allow you to navigate around to several important places in the app.


Starting with the classic bottom screen menu, you have easy access to get back to home, a gallery, a shop page and then your own profile when logged into the app itself.

Along with the bottom menu, on the home screen you will also have acess to recent blog posts, updates on current projects and artwork, a link to the connected instagram as well as demos of websites created. 

A fun addition would be a playlist chosen by the owner of the app to share with the users.


On the Gallery Page you would come across several albums that you can scroll through containing finished pieces and illustrations set into specific groups, as it is set up on the website itself.

In each album it will give a brief summary of the contents and you can find notes on each illustration or design by the artist themselves.

I took care into choosing the design sets of the icons representing the different pages, keeping the smooth flowing shapes and minimal detail. shifting the gradient in the background to fit each stage is important to not overwhelm the user with oversaturation and keep them from seeing their options as clear as possible, whil still upholding the design parameters.

OCARTT APPGallery.png
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