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Hi! My name is Kaley Poirier, and this is my website! it has pretty much all relevant info but if you have questions please reach out and i’ll be more than happy to answer them.


Right now I am working full time at a shipping center but in the near future I want to pursue even more creative endeavors and maybe dabble into some website design, so keep a look out for that! I mean, I did make this one so I hope I can be decent…. Time will tell.

To give you some background on me, myself and I, I have been a self taught artist since my itty bitty years and have been doing digital art and designs for about 7 years now. While I have taken several courses on graphic design I’ve realized that while it is an umbrella term it is also a very specific road that did not suit my more… creative style. So I’ve been focusing on refining my technique and using color and lighting to bring a realism to my more animated drawing approach.

I have had many precious opportunities to expand my skills and try new things through my close friends and family encouraging me and giving me requests for things out of my comfort zone. Along with using the incredible power of word of mouth and having people three times removed from my group ask for commissions which I never thought would happen!



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